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Global Projects - Introduction

AEL Projects in Vietnam is part of the global network of experts and professionals dedicated to servicing our customers’ complex logistical requirements.

The more complex requirements for projects are, the more know-how and professional competence of AEL Vietnam comes into play.

The core industries that our Global Projects team focuses on are, but not limited to:

  • Oil and Gas
  • Power Generation and Energy
  • Engineering and Construction
  • Mining, Pulp and Paper and Water Processing
  • Infrastructure, Breweries, Ship-building and Port Development

Our global team of specialists ensures the precise movement of urgent, sensitive, high-value electrical parts, steel structures, engines or other materials which need to reach job sites in time-definite or day-definite schedules using various modes of transportation.  We handle break-bulk, oversized, heavy-lift cargoes in various shapes and forms which require vessels, barges and heavy-lift vehicles specially-built for transportation of cargoes of this nature. 

As an integrated logistics provider, customers can benefit from a wide spectrum of project logistic services which are tailor-made for each specific project depending on the nature, location, challenges of the project and industries.

With our expertise, long-term experience and a solid team of global specialists you can rely on:

  • Project shipment consulting, project planning
  • Route survey and transportation feasibility study
  • Chartering vessels for break-bulk, oversized, heavy-lift cargo
  • Cross-border road and barge transportation
  • Transport insurance, inspection and supervision
  • Lifting arrangements
  • Site materials control, warehousing and distribution
  • Administration, coordination and personal supervision
  • Project documentation management
  • Tailor-made project logistics solution from ex-work to jobsites

You are assured that with AEL Vietnam handling your global projects requirements, you have access to the following advantages:

  • One partner for the central co-ordination of all activities
  • Pro-active concept development and planning
  • Technical expertise and assessment for all transportation requirements and solutions
  • Financial stability and solvency of a world-scale enterprise

There were some projects in 2011 - 2013 such as : Viettel , Innotek Company, Cai Mep, Piaggio projects ...

( Source: AEL's projects )

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